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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the form of outsourcing in which an organisation outsources part or all of the recruitment process to an external provider. RPO by Yoores is innovative and dynamic. We support you in your recruitment processes, arrange a more efficient recruitment process and simultaneously work to improve your employer brand using the latest recruitment techniques. RPO by Yoores offers important advantages compared to traditional in-house recruitment or recruitment and selection: a HR team that can focus on its other tasks, an increased quality vision among internal and external stakeholders, reduced time to hire and cost per hire, and variable recruitment costs. Are you excited to see what Yoores can do for your organisation? Read on.


Meet Yoores Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Every organisation is unique. We recognise that by offering custom solutions only. Yoores can take over the entire recruitment process of your organisation, or parts of it. We start off with determining an EVP (Employee Value Proposition), building a careersite and providing you with a Recruitment Marketing plan. When everything is up and running, we will get started with your vacancies. We do a job intake, write a job description and start sourcing. This way we take care of the recruitment, selection of talent, speed up the process including the hire. Of course we can also take over a few parts of your recruitment process. For example Job Marketing, recruitment, selection, Talent Sourcing (and building a Talent Pipeline), onboarding or payrolling. Besides this, we offer the possibility to fill in whenever necessary with temporary projects or other peak moments. Yoores would like to enter into a custom-fit collaboration with you that meets your every demand seamlessly, whether you are looking for flexibility or expertise.



Who preceded you?


Extra services exclusively for our RPO clients

Hiring Training

Every part of the application process has consequences for the effectiveness of your recruitment process. For example, we see that Hiring Managers often don’t know how to conduct a qualitive job interview. Or how to select the right candidate. We offer suited training.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Recruiting without Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is not feasible at this time. Both for the Candidate Experience, as for internal processes a good ATS is important. Yoores works with a custom build ATS, exclusively accessible for our clients.

Recruitment Marketing

Yoores has a fully integrated Recruitment Marketing team and is the only organisation in Europe that offers all necessary recruitment activities from our own ‘kitchen.’ Herein we distinguish advertising, social, findability and active talent sourcing. Not only do we offer everything, we also can measure the effectiveness of the entire campaign from start to hire.


Do you want to forget about your personnel and staff administration? We can arrange the payrolling of your organisation! For your current employees, or for new recruits you hire with us. For staffing, secondment or freelancers.

Database Maintenance

It is important to maintain a proper candidate database. Verifying and correcting data is necessary to keep all information up to date. We can help you with this. Every quarter we send a mailing with the latest vacancies, offering candidates the option to unsubscribe, which is required according to privacy legislation. This way, you simultaneously build a stronger Employer Brand.

Application Metrics

Our Application Metrics provide you with all the information about your applicants: from their visit to the website to hire. This way, you can see at a glance how often your vacancy page was visited, how many candidates there are in procedure in each stage of the recruitment process and via which medium they found your vacancy.


Do you want to know more about Yoores RPO?

We are more then happy to tell you more about our services. Leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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