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What is Recruitment Marketing?

Yoores Recruitment Marketing is Talent Acquisition 3.0. You cannot miss it. We employ all efficient means, such as social media, aggregators, job boards, programmatic advertising and sourcing, and we ensure that these means are combined and integrated optimally with each other. Using automated big data research, we continually retrieve the right information from the market. This gives us all knowledge and means required to be able to recruit efficiently for years to come. Yoores is the best way to strengthen your employer brand. Our marketing specialists can attract the right candidates in creative and targeted ways.

The 4 Recruitment Marketing Platforms 

While organisations often work with one of the four Recruitment Marketing platforms, offers Yoores full Recruitment Marketing, from posting to sourcing. These platforms are, supplemented with Employer Branding, as follows:

Job boards & postings

The (online) bulletin boards, such as job boards, are still important for a small but very relevant target audience. De vacancies that are shared here, will be found by most of the active job seekers. With access to 250+ job boards and other online/offline methods, we target each specific audience and always know how to reach the active job seekers.

SEO/SEA & aggregators

For both active as latent job seekers, a vacancy is only relevant when it’s been found. With the help of SEO optimised job descriptions, correct indexation and sponsoring for the different aggregators (such as Indeed) and campaigns within the search network (Google) and display network (10.000+ websites) reach and retarget everyone who is looking.


The social network is one of the most low-threshold methods to spread a vacancy. We do this via paid campaigns via known media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but also through Referral Marketing within the network of your organisation. This activates your colleagues to act as ambassador of your organisation. Besides this, we actively use many specialised groups and networks.

Talent Sourcing

A personal approach is for more than 70% of vacancies essential for sourcing. With the help of the right databased, the best talent within the market will be selected and approached. This one on one marketing gives us the ability to apply a communication method that works best for each individual, which means we can reach the latent job seekers.


Employer Branding

If you want to be relevant as an employer right now and in the future, you need to be continuously working on strengthening your Employer Brand. A clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP), a good career site and a powerful Employer Branding plan contribute to attracting and maintaining the right talent. With a powerful strategy aimed at the employer’s goal of your organisation, we generate a preferred position for you within the market where you will be seen as an interesting employer. This does not only strengthen recruitment, but the overall operation of your organisation. Employer Branding is not something you do in between work, but requires a long-term planning and the right specialists to set up the plan and execute this cross-platform, from awareness to engagement.



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