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Are you looking for an experienced Recruiter, an Interim Recruiter or would you like to upgrade your recruitment capacity? Yoores is happy to assist you. We always work as an extension of your organisation (client-branded), no matter what.


Single Jobs Project-Based Recruitment Yoores

Recruitment and Selection

Do you currently have a job opening for a Recruiter, Recruitment Manager or Talent Acquisition Specialist? We can support you! We would love to take care of the recruitment for these vacancies, arranging a job intake with the hiring manager, drawing up the vacancy text, placing job on your career site, establishing Job Marketing and start sourcing candidates for you. If desired, we can work client-branded, but we can also provide this service in the name Yoores. This is the perfect way to fill a vacancy while at the same time getting acquaintanced with the power of Yoores RPO!

Seasonal Jobs Project-Based Recruitment Yoores

Seasonal influences

The number of vacancies within organisations often fluctuates throughout the year, for example due to seasonal jobs. Ensuring sufficient capacity within your recruitment team at all times, results in high fixed costs. Yoores can help you expand your recruitment team when needed. We employ recruiters (on-site or off-site) when the number of vacancies rises, thus optimising your capacity. As a result, fixed costs remain low and variable costs will always be adjusted to the work pressure. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this solution!

Interim Jobs Project-Based Recruitment Yoores


Are you looking for an Interim Recruiter to help out your team out in the short term? Yoores is also the right place for ad hoc employment! We offer support when you need temporary reinforcements, for example due to illness or maternity leave. Thanks to the high degree of scalability and flexibility of our organisation, we are able to offer help in a wide variety of situations. It is no problem for us to switch quickly and find the right person to support you where needed! Let us know what you are looking for and together we will find the best suitable solution.

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