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What is Yoores Consultancy?

Yoores offers advice and support for the recruitment process from A to Z, to strengthen your employer brand and to optimise your Recruitment Marketing. We have all the knowledge and experience at our fingertips to take the recruitment of your organisation to a higher level. Together with you, we analyse the current situation and find solutions to the issues of your organisation. These issues can be diverse: from dissatisfied candidates or dissatisfied hiring managers to long lead times, low retention and high costs. It often appears that the entire recruitment process of an organisation can be organised much more efficiently and effectively. With Yoores as a consultant, you can effectively achieve this.

Meet Yoores Recruitment Consultancy

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Recruitment Process

Recruitment is an extensive process with many potential problems, such as an excessive time to hire, overburdening of the HR team, or candidates with bad candidate experiences. Especially the last example constitutes an increasingly bad influence on your employer brand. Just one negative review online can greatly damage your carefully constructed employer brand. We offer advice on all possible issues you might encounter during the recruitment process. We can also help you if you are not currently experiencing any problems, but you want to know if you can organise the process more effectively, or less cost-intensively. It often appears that there are procedures or processes that unnecessarily slow down recruitment or decrease the quality of the work.

Consultancy Recruitment Marketing Yoores

Recruitment Marketing

In addition to general advise on your recruitment process, we also offer consultancy on Recruitment Marketing. Focusing on strengthening your employer brand, we also give advice on how to attract candidates in a creative but tremendously target-oriented way. We consult you when establishing a concrete marketing strategy for your recruitment and on employer branding (to expand your employer brand) and Job Marketing (promoting specific vacancies). For example, we can establish the Employee Value Proposition or EVP of you as an employer and compose an employer branding guide for you, but we can also employ big data research to investigate where your target group is located and how you can approach this group effectively.


Examples of our Consultancy Services

Employer Branding

Employer Branding reinforces the employer brand and plays a major role in attracting and retaining the right talent in the long term. When your employer brand is strong and your awareness and identity are known in the market, it will be easier to attract the right candidates in the future.

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is the experience a candidate has with your organisation, gained during the recruitment process from reading the vacancy to hire. It is important that candidates gain positive experiences with your organisation during the entire process, because candidate experiences affect your employer brand. It is effectively a vicious circle: positive experiences create a stronger employer brand, which leads to more suitable candidates responding to future application procedures.

Job Interviews

How do you organise a job interview? How do you know if the person across from you is right for the job? And what should you pay attention to? Yoores would love to help you draw up and arrange job interviews with potential candidates.

Recruitment Marketing

Yoores would love to give you advice on Recruitment Marketing. Our specialists know all the ins and outs of the market and know exactly which tools are the most efficient for your vacancies. We advise you on how to employ Recruitment Marketing to fill your vacancies and at the same time reinforce your employer brand. For example, this starts with your presence on social media. We can also arrange this for you.


How can you find the most suitable candidates for your organisation and how can you increase both the quantity and the quality of the applicant pool? Especially when filling difficult vacancies, sourcing is exceedingly important. Yoores would love to help you with this.

Recruitment Process Optimisation

Yoores is the best RPO consultant to advise you on the best ways to arrange and/or improve the recruitment processes of your organisation. This will not only lead to a lead time improvement and a reduction of the cost per hire, but also to a structural approach and uniform procedures.


Onboarding means managing new employees from the first moment, so upon accepting an offer and signing the contract. This effectively starts the onboarding process even before the employee has actually started their new job. The advantage of this is that it reduces the onboarding period, increasing initial productivity. Yoores would love to advise you on onboarding.

Performance-Based Hiring

Performance-Based Hiring consists of four steps: sourcing, screening, interviewing and recruiting. We do not focus on competencies, but on performance. This considerably increases the effectiveness of your recruitment process: from drawing up attractive job descriptions and using advanced marketing tools to using proven interview techniques. It is the best way to attract the most talented people for your vacancies and to ensure that you hire the right person.


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