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Heeft het huidige economische sentiment effect op jouw HR organisatie?

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Employer Marketing

Employer Marketing is an effective way to market your employer brand. This is what Yoores is very strong at with over 10 years of experience. Employer marketing combines all activities to do this and starts with the determination of the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The employer branding strategy is drawn up from the EVP. The first step after this is to build a career site which displays the EVP in an appropriate manner. This also includes examining whether the Candidate Experience matches with the EVP.


Recruitment Marketing

If this is settled, we can get started with the vacancies. Yoores is the only agency in the Netherlands to have a 4-channel recruitment approach. In which we link all marketing channels to each other.


Watch the video to see how this works.

Our recruitment marketing is in many cases supplemented with Active Talent Sourcing. Actively approaching suitable candidates via a variety of databases. All GDPR compliant, of course.

If you don't want to manage all the candidates yourself, but just want to get the most appropriate CVs, that is also possible!



We will handle the confirmation of receipt to all candidates. We can judge the CVs and motivation letters, and then select the top five candidates. We'll call them for a telephone screening (in the evening). Based on this screening, you receive the most suitable candidates. If you wish, we can also schedule your appointments. All you need to do is perform the interview.


This is how easy recruitment can be

Much is possible with our Employer Marketing solution, as with our RPO solutions. As you've noticed, the customer is really at the center for Yoores. We have the knowledge and capacity; you have the need. It is our job to fulfill your needs as effectively as possible.


Employer Marketing & 4 Channel Recruitment Strategy

Most Job Marketing providers work with only one of the four Recruitment Marketing platforms. Yoores is the only agency in the Netherlands to offer integral Recruitment Marketing, from job postings to Active Talent Sourcing. Possibly complemented by a strong Employer Branding strategy. If you already have a strategy for the EVP and branding strategy, we will ensure that all communications match your proposal perfectly. In this way we help build a strong employer brand.

Employer Branding

Anyone who wants to be relevant as an employer, now and in the future, must continuously work on strengthening the employer brand. A clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP), a good career site and a powerful Employer Branding plan contribute to attracting and retaining the right talent. Employer Branding is not something you do in between, it requires long-term planning and the appropriate experts to draw up a plan and execute the plan cross-platform, from awareness to engagement..





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