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Whitepaper: De vier platformen van Recruitment Marketing

Maak recruitment persoonlijk

Vanuit onze expertise hebben wij een recruitment marketing model ontwikkeld, gebaseerd op 4 platformen.

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Ever considered using corporate blogs or vlogs for the Employer Branding of your organisation? Many organisations find it difficult to start blogging, although it brings many benefits. Because how do you handle this?

That there has been an increase in the number of vacancies in the recent years is nothing new. This year the strongest increase in the amount of vacancies since 2008 was measured. 

The automation of the recruitment, intake, selection and outflow processes saves the recruitment department a lot of time (and indirectly money). However, what does the applicant notice about this automation?

Within Recruitment, we are dealing with an ever-changing market.

You might already use Facebook during the recruitment of potential candidates for vacancies or would like to pay more attention to it. However, Facebook is going to make a substantial change that will effect the way of recruiting on this social media channel.

In todays blogpost I will, again, cover my favorite subject (and corebusiness): Recruitment Process Outsourcing. I touched the subject briefly earlier this year.

I’m sure that you have noticed, that Google has launched a new job search engine called Google For Jobs. 

verdwenen container

Containerbegrippen, oftewel een begrip dat meerdere betekenissen kan hebben en meestal onduidelijk is, worden vaak gebruikt. Ook binnen recruitment. 

Employers are becoming increasingly aware that the tight labour market makes is more difficult to attract and bind the best candidates to your organisation.

Before the digital era, people were recruited offline. The biggest advantage of offline recruiting is that you have direct personal contact with a candidate.

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