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Whitepaper: De vier platformen van Recruitment Marketing

Maak recruitment persoonlijk

Vanuit onze expertise hebben wij een recruitment marketing model ontwikkeld, gebaseerd op 4 platformen.

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De meeste bedrijven met meerdere werknemers hebben jaarlijks een beoordelingsgesprek met hun medewerkers. Middels het beoordelingsgesprek laat je leidinggevende jou zien welke doelstellingen er gehaald zijn en welke niet. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers important advantages over traditional in-house recruitment or recruitment and selection agencies. Why? Read the 3 most important reasons below!

De hoge werkdruk op HR afdelingen zorgt voor buitensporige verzuimcijfers onder de werknemers die dagelijks met human resources bezig zijn.

An often discussed topic within recruitment is how Hiring Managers can and should make better informed decisions during the hiring process and act in a way that helps them and the candidate perform optimally.

There are clearly different challenges in attracting the right candidates. Being found is of course the most important.  

Growth Hacking: the new popular term within marketing. For some, even the future of being a Marketeer.

Did you know that 64% researches a company after reading a vacancy? Your online reputation and Employer Brand plays an important part in the application process. As an organisation, you have more impact on this than you might think.

You probably already know that Facebook announced to change their advertisement policy drastically. What impact will this have on recruitment?

A mediocre Candidate Experience often has to do with the process, time and the moderate response of the Hiring Manager. Although we can help on all fronts, the quickest solution is time. How can we support you as a Recruiter, so you will have more time?

Ever considered using corporate blogs or vlogs for the Employer Branding of your organisation? Many organisations find it difficult to start blogging, although it brings many benefits. Because how do you handle this?

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