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Yoores introduceert flexibele Recruitment Services


In de wirwar van snel opkomende recruitment tools, ATS systemen en veranderende behoeften is het als HR professional niet makkelijk om het overzicht te behouden.


Juist daarom introduceert Yoores een unieke recruitment oplossing waarbij jij ALTIJD IN CONTROL bent én blijft.


Met de Yoores Recruitment Services krijg je van ons een gratis werken-bij site inclusief Recruitment Portal en 24/7 toegang tot de belangrijkste recruitment tools, data en mensen die je per vacature kunt inzetten wanneer jij daar behoefte aan hebt.


Zo maken wij jou Happy en blijf jij In Control!

Meer weten? Vraag direct een demo aan!

Yoores Recruitment Portal

About Yoores

Yoores in a nutshell

Since 2011 Yoores is active as a well-known Recruitment Solutions Provider. Initially we only offered full RPO services, but due to the high demand from our customers/potential customers, we decided to split up our processes. We now offer Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding and Consultancy services separately. As an innovative and dynamic organisation, Yoores is always up to date when it comes to the latest developments and recruitment (marketing) techniques. Although we streamline most processes using IT, we always keep a personal touch. As Employer Branding is in the core of every step we take for our clients and we do not believe in 100% automation. We are always available for an applicant when it comes to answering their questions about the position, their application or the organisation. That is what makes Yoores powerful. Yoores is not a computer. Yoores is a people-oriented and professionally educated Recruitment Consultant.